December 7, 2014
by Miss Mary Jane
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It’s December!

Miss Mary Jane

Hello! I’m still working on the updated member site. Yes, yes, yes. Still. I only work on it a little here and there so it’s been slow going but it’s coming along and I’m happy with it and it should be ready really soon. (I know, I always say shit like that.)

21 days until my birthday…

November 19, 2014
by Miss Mary Jane


Broken Heat Jen

Just wanted to say hi with a little update. Here is a not so great photo during the rough days of broken heat.

My cam presence for the past couple weeks has been pretty null. As I posted on my Twitter, my heat broke… Twice. Luckily it was handled before it got really cold but it was still pretty rough at night and all I wanted to do was stay curled up on the couch with tea. I also have had a couple of minor health problems–nothing at all serious but I’ve just been laying real low.

The members’ site is almost done. For awhile there I wasn’t working on it and I had some layout problems that took me forever to solve seeing as I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore–not to mention the fact that I have the attention span of a three year old.

It’s snowing right now and that excites me greatly. I have my curtains all pulled open in the living room so I can watch it come down.

October 18, 2014
by Miss Mary Jane

Up and Running! (Well, the Public Site, Anyway)

I’m done setting up the public site. There’s not much content to speak of but the pages are set up. (When have I ever been about content, anyway? :))

  • The about section is updated with new words and photos.
  • You can now join the member site using the form here.
  • I have a new, clearer tip system.
  • AllĀ archives exist on one page now.
  • And finally, get in touch with me faster and easier with the new contact form.

I realize none of this is very exciting to you but it is to me!

And yes, yes, content to follow both on here and the member page. Speaking of, the new member site will be ready soon. I just need a few more days.

What is everyone doing this weekend? We’re going to maybe go see Gone Girl later today and I’m craving some Olive Garden…

October 11, 2014
by Miss Mary Jane

Under Construction

If things look off right now…

… It’s because I’m updating parts of the site. Bear with me. Soon everything should be right with all this and you can bare with me instead. I can’t wait until I can finally stop messing around with it. I’ve spent a lot of time and been working really hard at re-designing the site and adding more user-friendly things and hopefully new content will quickly follow. The members’ site is also being re-vamped.

October 6, 2014
by Miss Mary Jane

Hello October! Here Are Some Notes About Nothing…

Royal Games Profile Image
I made my Royal Games profile look fall-y and I like how it looks.

My heat is broken, I believe. I don’t want it on right now anyway because I’m trying to spend as little as possible but I do need to call tomorrow about it because it’s already insanely cold in here.

I’m going to Cedar Point soon! Finally!

I want to hire someone to re-design my page. How much does that kind of stuff cost, I wonder? Whatever it is I don’t have it but I’d still like to do that one day soon.