June 5, 2015
by Miss Mary Jane

Lana Del Rey Endless (Freezing) Summer Tour

Lana, forty miles away.

Lana, forty miles away.

Alec had bought me tickets to see Lana Del Rey for my birthday (in December) and on May 31, it finally came around. Just long enough for us to break up, spend time apart and decide to get back together and still go together. I like to think of our time apart as a “recalibration” period. Anyway, we’re madly in love again, having amazing sex, blah blah blah. Let’s move on.

It was on the grass so it was a first-come kind of thing. Of course because I am me, I waited until the day of the concert to find something to wear and to buy any other random things I thought we might need and ran very late. As it turned out, we needed nothing but again, because I am me, I lugged in a huge bag with a few things in it that Alec carried around for me. I really need to know when to not carry giant bags of shit around.

It was chilly that day. I wore a long skirt and a tank top and Alec’s giant (but stylish–I bought it for him) hoodie. It was much different from the idea I had in my head of sunshine and white sundresses with strappy sandals. I did wear sandals, though, and my feet were soaked.

I really had a good time, actually. I’d rather have numb feet any day than sweat through 80°+ weather.

We were farther from her than I would have liked to be but like I noted as we lined up along the back fringe of the huge crowd, “I can’t devote a whole day to this.”

But then as she sang “Blue Jeans” and looked increasingly adorable as I sipped my Bud Light and smoked my joint wrapped in blue paper… I kind of wish I had devoted a day to waiting close to the stage for her.

Kind of.

May 20, 2015
by Miss Mary Jane

Stuff and Stuff

Color Stripe (Sleep!)

Will be having a show soon–I hope! Lots of my energy and time has been going into cleaning and organizing for when I eventually move. And May for me is just a shitstorm of birthdays surrounding Mother’s Day.

Have I mentioned in the past 15 minutes how much I hate the summer and dreading constant days of horrible, horrible heat and humidity? Well in case I didn’t, I’m throwing it in here.

Feel free to comment with what you’re up to recently! I love to hear from you guys :)

May 17, 2015
by Miss Mary Jane

Echocam Membership Requests

I should have posted this along time ago, I suppose… I slowed down (read: stopped entirely) with adding new members to the site because of all the network-related issues I was having for quite awhile. However… I hesitatingly want to say things are better so I will slowly start adding new people.

My New (Used) Car

March 13, 2015 by Miss Mary Jane | 6 Comments

My New (Used) Car My Big Juicy Trunk Me in My Wheelz My Sister's New Puppy

As I posted on Twitter yesterday, I’m finally mobile again! After a few months without a car… I learned to appreciate what it is to have a car. Given that I’m kind of a hermit, I didn’t think not having one would be as bothersome as it ended up to be. But now. Relief.

I went and picked up my car yesterday (a Mazda 6 or as I like to think of her; the great, great, great, great, etc daughter of my last car).  My first trip was out to see my sister and her new puppy, Emma. I am used to taking weekly trips out to her place (sort of in the middle of no where) and it had been quite a few weeks so it was great to see her. And Emma is so precious! I kept trying to get a decent shot of her but she spent the time I was there jumping around and biting my thumb before she passed out. I included a size-comparison picture 😉 I told my sister to use a quarter but she insisted on the Sprite bottle.

Ah, I’m free again! (Which pretty much means free to get spontaneous fast food again as that’s the main use of my vehicle.)

March 5, 2015
by Miss Mary Jane

New Member Applications

I’m all caught up with newest batch of member submissions and everyone granted access has now been added to the member site and emailed. I do these manually for security reasons and sometimes it takes me awhile to get to your submission, so I apologize for delays.

If you submitted a membership form and did not receive an email, I suppose first make sure you’re not receiving me as spam (email: missmaryjane at echoside dot net). Some submissions are rejected due to suspicious site activity (or really anything I deem suspicious). I don’t tend to email these individuals back so if you didn’t get your confirmation email, that was very likely intentional. If you think there has been an error of any kind, you can feel free to contact me but keep in mind, regardless of anything, my word is final! Mwahaha!