How Do You Kill That Which Has No Life?

I mentioned it on Twitter and some may have seen it on my cam several times but I’ve been playing World of Warcraft. This is a big deal for me because I don’t like video or computer games almost as a rule. However… I’ve been playing for about a month now and for about three weeks of that, it was almost all I did.

I have several characters: a goblin shaman, blood elf warlock and a (very new) worgen druid.  My goblin is my main character. Pat and I created and play the blood elves together named Novembre and Decembre. Isn’t that adorable?

Anywway… The whole pointless point of this is to post a few WoW screen shots. I  probably will post more in the future–much to everyone’s dismay, I’m sure.

An initial character I made riding around with one of Pat's.

An initial character I made riding around with one of Pat’s.

The game is actually quite beautiful.

The game is actually quite beautiful.

I Will Miss This Little Robot

I Will Miss This Little Robot


Alec and I live one street over from some very large, very beautiful houses. My favorite house happens to be across the street from us. We face the back of it and have a clear view of their driveway and garage. As if it were not injury enough that I do not live in this home myself, these fools add insult by driving a fucking blue Hummer. It’s all I can see right now as my curtains are opened only slightly–just perfectly so to give me a full front to back view of the gas-guzzling, asshole-status-affirming bullshit choice of a vehicle.

… But how are YOU doing today?

New Nikon

Got my new Nikon yesterday. It’s my fourth Nikon camera.

New camera.

One of the first test photos I took:

Test Photo for New Camera

Resolutions (Or: How Not to Try too Hard)

Resolutions are almost always a flop for me. In hopes of making a list this year (I don’t normally do it) that was manageable, I chose five things to apply to my every day life that I would like to be more attentive with.

New Year's Resolutions 2014

If you guys have lists, I’d love to hear them. Here’s to 2014…

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My 28th Birthday

Alec asked me several times what I wanted to do for my birthday but, really, all I ever want to do is go out to eat so that’s what we did.

Cheese Plate

For dinner we had a cheese plate appetizer and I had the duck for my main course and Alec got the steak. He thought it was undercooked but I was very happy with my duck. It came with potatoes and duck dumplings–both of which were delicious.

Cosmopolitan from Vinology

To drink, I had two cosmopolitans. Had never ordered cosmos from this place before but man, they were good. Smooth and yummy.

Me on My 28th

I love going to Ann Arbor for my birthday. I love the light’s on main street. Because the students have mostly gone home, it feels a bit more like my own.

Maize and Blue Lights


New Bag

When my sister and I went shopping, I got a new bag. I happened to spot it while looking for something else. The color is sort of orgasmic, I think.

New Bag

And it was on sale :)


Early Christmas Presents for Myself

Early Christmas Presents to Myself

Kim and I went shopping tonight. Bought a few things from Sephora. Makeup costs too much money.


My Week in Photos

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Months Later

Did a little site re-vamp–nothing big. If/when I do more writing here, I want the option of password protecting entries so if you’d like the password for future protected entries, let me know by leaving your email address in a comment.

Hope all is well with everyone. Can’t complain here.